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By Canary Academy Online Inc.


An in-depth study of homeschoolers across america from historically underrepresented communities

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Learning and Policy Resources


resources for Policy makers

Data, research, and policy suggestions for policymakers

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Resources for Researchers

Data, statistics, findings, and research outlines from our project

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Parents and Two Children

Resources for parents

Resources for parents looking to activate their communities and advocate for homeschooling.


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Single parent family
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About the project

Summary of organization: Canary Academy Online Inc. is a Gen-Z-led nonprofit virtual academy, homeschool resource center, and advocacy group centered on advancing education equity and affordable homeschool solutions.

Project Scope: This project seeks to do an in-depth study into the lives, experiences, difficulties, and narratives of homeschoolers from socioeconomically disadvantaged and historically underrepresented communities - with an emphasis on urban homeschoolers. This project desires to open doors for further conversation between the general public, law and policy-makers, and other homeschoolers about the best ways to support, encourage, and understand home education and its role in redefining education in America. This project also seeks to do experiments, studies, and research to discover new and innovative ways to fund, support, and empower homeschoolers in America, especially those who have not always fit into the categories “conventional” or “typical.”

Project Goals:

  • Provide the general public with a better understanding of home education and its benefits.
  • Provide lawmakers and policy-makers with background information and narratives from the homeschool community, emphasizing those from socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds.
  • Facilitate studies and research within the homeschool community, with an added emphasis on homeschool experiences within urban communities.
  • Encourage conversation through storytelling between the general public and those from the homeschool community.
  • Redefine amongst the general public what homeschooling is, what it looks like, and who is behind the movement, dispelling common myths and bringing the stories of homeschoolers front and center within both media and research.

"Education is not about where you go to school; it's about the skills you learn to aspire, achieve, and attain success." - Nasiyah Isra-Ul, CEO

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Proud Parents

Homeschooling in Richmond, VA

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Homeschooling in detroit, MI

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Challenges of homeschooling for lower-income families

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Day in the life of a homeschooler

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Cheerful parents assisting children in homework

homeschoolers: built to excel

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Socialization...or being social?

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Canary Academy Online Inc.

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